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They answered Russian children and scientists in 2001, and revealed that answer to the world. They have left us enough clues to understand the theater scene that took place in this first year of the new millennium, as well as to discover who they are. This new file, soon to be available, will open episode #2 of “A Reply Across Time”. A different file, because we are going to reveal the first clues and, undoubtedly thanks to you, discover new avenues. Everything is before our eyes, like the mystery of the megaliths: an open-air scene, a book in an indestructible library. Crop circles, ephemeral by nature, nevertheless present themselves as eternal symbols.


Second English crop circle of the year, visible on the site Cropcircleconnector : probably a commercial order. Placing this “masterpiece” near the famous megalithic site of Stonehenge is clever in several ways. First, it makes it easier to transport tourists from one site to another and minimizes costs. Secondly, the trampling of crops is assured! This will prevent any careful inspection, the stems being damaged or even destroyed by visitors. Note also the low budget allocated to this creation. The team that flattened the culture did not achieve great feats. Poorly paid and/or inexperienced? This is the only mystery.

We invite you to compare this crop circle with a real message: MILK HILL 2001. At the beginning of the century, and the millennium, this gigantic crop circle appeared exactly one month before the events of September 11. He did not come alone, his sidekick, the "Face", signed the table of "artists" and addressed humanity. Obviously, after witnessing a spectacle of such beauty and depth, one cannot say that it is the same hand. An unknown hand which, for the moment, seems to have chosen silence as its message. Wait and see.

Image from PLANS, external link pointing to GOOGLE MAP - Location of the crop circle: next to the parking lot and the tourist shopping center.



Why are there so few crop circles this year 2024 in England? Several factors can be the cause, here are a few:

- Reduction in the interventions of pranksters : Those who do not have the authorization of the crop owners do not risk destroying the fields, for fear of the consequences. This already significantly reduces the number of crop circles. In 2014, 10 years ago, at this same time, there were at least 9 crop circles in English fields. The global geopolitical situation and bad weather also do not encourage destroying, for show, what represents energy (bio-fuel) or food.

- Decrease in orders to counterfeiters : Counterfeiters, to whom orders are placed for the creation of crop circles, no longer have requests. Whether the sponsors are commercial companies or more occult entities (seeking to confuse the original message), the drop in orders is notable.

- Strategic depletion of the original messengers : The original messengers (those who created the Face and Galaxy crop circles in 2001) are organizing a depletion for strategic reasons.
For example:

- The desire to force the public to look at events of the past.
- The desire to act differently to highlight their significant silence in the light of world news.
- The impossibility of making new crop circles.

Thus, several combined elements can explain the notable decrease in crop circles in 2024.

crop circle 2024 site web france
Image from PLANS, external link pointing to GOOGLE MAP


We hope that an honest and disinterested field report will be established on the first crop circle of the 2024 season. We are therefore waiting for close-ups of the stems to see their condition. While we can't completely trust first responders, future visitors in July and August will be able to confirm or deny early reports.

If in June 2024 the stems are shown intact, without impact from the plank for example, then in August, when the crops are dry, the same observation must be made by visitors. The first report can thus be confirmed by the public. If the crop circle has folds on the stems, you will know that pranksters or counterfeiters have been at work.

We remind you that our file can transform you into an “expert” in crop circles in just 5 minutes.

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East Field 2004 : William was in East Field in the middle of the night when he noticed a cone-shaped, downward-pointing red cloud in the distance over Alton Barnes behind Adam's Grave. He traveled there through the hills of Walkers Hill. When day dawned the crop circle appeared in the mist like an angel.
The video of these clouds that he filmed without knowing it will be published soon.

Here is a song that will allow you an emotional immersion in one of the greatest contemporary mysteries and which opens incredible perspectives for humanity.

Viewing Tips:
- Use headphones for an immersive sound experience.
- Switch to full screen mode to fully appreciate the visuals.



Updating the Bloom file. This file could be titled: “Thwart the traps of debunkers” or “Become a Fake hunter”. Let's keep it basic, and let's keep "Know how to spot counterfeiters". We have added to this file the different clues that appear depending on the period of your visit. Indeed in June and August the wheat stalks are very different. So there is the bloom, then the white lines, then the folds to observe. New illustration images have been added.

crop circle 2024 site web france


We have opened a temporary email box for this month of June 2024. If you wish to contact us to send us, for example, photos of the stems of the French crop circles which have just appeared, with the disturbed bloom or the white lines, we will be delighted to present them on the site.
To write to us:
Remember, this email address is temporary.


If you don't know where to start when exploring this site, we recommend that you first discover THE STORY BEHIND THE PHENOMENON, a file proposed by William Betts. This file puts some order into the often distorted and widely spread narrative on the origin of crop circles.

Next, we invite you to explore 2001 A REPLY ACROSS TIME, a file dedicated to the first crop circle in history representing a face. Contrary to some theories, it is not an alien head nor a representation of the Shroud of Turin, but a humanoid face in its simplest expression. This crop circle, forgotten for 23 years, appeared at the time when the SETI program was sending an interstellar message from Crimea to hypothetical extraterrestrial civilizations.

In 2001 we reportedly received a response in the Chilbolton field in England, but this response was quickly discredited by another crop circle. The reasons for this debunking are understandable: it was to hide this response from the public eye and to focus attention on the big-headed “little grays”.

Enjoy reading, and allow about an hour to fully understand the elements presented in these files.

L'histoire derrière le phénomène

2001 l'odyssée d'une réponse


Many of you have visited our site since the launch of the 2024 crop circle season. If you are here for the first time or are discovering crop circles, know that is historically the oldest French site dedicated to this phenomenon.

We offer you free information through files and investigations on various crop circles of the past. We try to decipher their meaning and provide you with numerous photo archives taken in the field. Although the progress of files is sometimes slow, you will already find something to feed your thoughts online, well beyond simple photos of the latest training courses.

Most of you belong to the new generation and the importance of what has happened in the English fields in recent decades may seem abstract to you. Yet imagine that these formations were a direct response from an extraterrestrial civilization to our incessant calls via our powerful radio telescopes. What surprise would there be in that? The distance ? We don't know their technology, so speculating on this point is futile. Likewise, not knowing their location, we cannot impose a distance in our thinking.

Faced with the unknown, several attitudes are possible: refuse everything altogether and pose as an expert to debunk at all costs, or keep an open mind and seek to understand by investigating, by synthesizing the work of researchers who share their discoveries in line. Of course, we must remain vigilant, because as in all areas, there are more or less popular gurus who ride on the interest aroused by this affair.

Crop circles also have the particularity of bringing people together. Wandering among the flattened wheat, you can observe visitors who, very often, do not know exactly what to look for. However, these chance encounters can become good times to start meaningful discussions with strangers because it is easier to approach someone in a wheat field. Why not try starting a conversation about UFOs to give a serious tone to the exchange? Then you can drift into personal experiences that you have had, you will be surprised at how many people have witnessed unexplained phenomena and already have well-defined ideas about the prospects that lie ahead for humanity.
These discussions can reveal common interest and deep thoughts on subjects that are as mysterious as they are fascinating. Crop circles, in addition to their enigmatic aspect, thus serve as a pretext for exchanges which enrich our understanding of "others" and our place in the universe.

des gens qui déambulent dans un crop circle suisse

Des gens dans un crop circle qui profitent d'une belle place pour penser et se détendre en Angleterre


THEY LAUNCHED THE CROP CIRCLE SEASON simultaneously in England and France with the appearance of two or three formations. Here is a simple and effective method to determine if the training you are visiting was produced by counterfeiters : JUNE 2024, BLOOM TIME.
The "bloom" is a thin waxy layer, often bluish or whitish, which forms on the surface of the stems, leaves and fruits of certain plants, such as wheat, barley or rapeseed, when They are still green. When counterfeiters crush the plants with their boards or other tools, they damage the bloom and leave visible marks on the stems. These marks are easily recognizable and spottable, even for a novice observer.

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Explore our old photo galleries of crop circles. By examining the condition of the stems, we were able to exclude certain crop circles from our investigations, because they showed traces of boards or other objects used in their creation. Contrary to what many specialists claimed, the majority of English crop circles were made by forgers and were probably only hoaxes or very effective diversions. This old page will be updated very soon for reading on phones and tablets.

crop circle 2024 site web france


We have published a new, more complete version of the video initially uploaded on 05/30/2024 on our YouTube channel. In this more recent video Robert Hulse explores the 2010 Wilton Windmill oilseed rape crop circle the day after its discovery, when it was still quite "fresh" and unscathed by the tramping of visitors. William revisited the site 56 days later to observe the state of the crop and check whether the oilseed rape in the flattened areas could still be harvested, which would have been the case in the Golden Ball Hill (2005) and Rutlands Farm (2009) formations.

Although this crop circle looked impressive from the sky, on the ground it was a mess. The comparison with the Golden Ball Hill crop circle in 2005, where the formation would have been harvested without any real loss to the farmer, clearly shows that here at Wilton Windmill we are not dealing with the same energy. This 2010 “coded” crop circle in the field next to the windmill had obviously been created using mechanical means, and without videos like this showing the damage to stems, people, with only the aerial view to go on, could easily be misled into believing it to be the work of an unknown phenomenon.

The observations here highlight the significant difference between Golden Ball Hill 2005 and Wilton Windmill 2010, and leave little doubt about the artificial origin of the latter.

crop circle 2024 site web france


MEGALITHS, FORGOTTEN WORLD. Discover the new film by Howard Crowhurst. It will be available from June 6 on the EPISTEMEA Youtube channel. The English version is already available on Howard Crowhurst's YouTube channel.

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Discover this poem on video, which reflects the mystery of crop circles and the hypothesis of an unknown intelligence at the origin of these formations, aiming to establish contact with humanity. This phenomenon opens the way to a new world, turned outward and no longer withdrawn and full of itself. It thus finally allows humans to evolve, to understand the world around them, the universe and the secrets of the forces that govern it, as well as the notion of infinity which escapes us.
crop circle 2024 site web france


Updates available :

  • New images of the Golden Ball Hill crop circle (2005) : New photos have been published, retrieved from the site's archives and are now available in responsive format.

  • Section dedicated to crop circles in rapeseed : A new section has been opened. The file entitled "Have you understood what is happening in rapeseed?" has also been brought out from the archives and brought up to date with new images. It offers a comparison between two crop circles made in oilseed rape, showing a significant difference in the condition of the flattened crop.

  • English and Russian translation : The site now offers English and Russian translations. Although these translations, often taken from Google, can be improved, particularly for the Russian section, they are there to help communicate the information. The Russian translation is particularly relevant because of the Chilbolton incident in 2001.

England : Absence of crop circles in oilseed rape in 2024 . No crop circles were discovered in oilseed rape this year. Is the phenomenon still with us? Are the pranksters tired? The current generation of 'circlemakers' is perhaps not as active as before. We have often advised internet users and enthusiasts that most crop circles show traces of mechanical flattening. This year, things, and people, are not as easy-going as they used to be, what with potential food shortages on the horizon, and vandalizing crops is probably becoming a lot less tolerated. As for the real phenomenon, perhaps it feels it is time for a pause to reflect on the messages we have been given over the past few decades.
crop circle 2024 site web france


A technical correction has been made for reading on a smartphone for the file: 2001, A Reply Across Time
"We respond to the children of the Earth" - August 2001, notice of receipt
Cilde balde tun Chilbolton


2001, A Reply Across Time

Update : August 2001, notice of receipt
This file is constantly evolving. The mysterious crop circle motifs and patterns offer us a fascinating treasure hunt, allowing us to gradually decipher their message.
crop circles site web france


crop circles site web france


Did you know that the Golden Ball Hill ‘Oilseed rape Challenge’ that we launched here, at Culture-crop in 2010, was actually taken up in 2015 ?

William was one of the first visitors to go into and photograph the crop circle that arrived at the foot of Golden Ball Hill in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, in 2005. It did not take him long to appreciate the exceptional quality of the lay in the crop circle, the oilseed rape stems and flowers were, for the most part, in perfect condition; gently laid down, curved at the base and not fractured or scraped. This is not possible to do using boards to flatten the crop.
We have been paying special attention to oilseed rape crop circles and have, over the years, archived and published our findings on
You can consult these archive files to see what we discovered :

It is now May 2024 and everyone is waiting for the first "sign" in the oilseed rape fields to start the new season. Lucy Pringle has just published her first news of the year on her website : Waiting With Anticipation

"Oil seed rape is the crop in which sleuths can most easily detect man-made circles, because it has stalks that break if bent to an angle of 40° or more. They also bruise easily and crack underfoot.
I am going to tell you about one such circle from 2015.

In May of that year, a valuable experiment was conducted. It was later shown on the History Channel called ‘Circles from the Sky’. This event was organised by the far-sighted American based Prometheus Studios, Inc. When the company first told me of their idea of making a crop circle, I was sceptical, as so many programmes made on this topic had not served it well. However, after several conversations and emails I felt reassured that they were well-intentioned and ethical - so I was happy to take part and to be interviewed.

The aim of the programme was to interview several researchers and to obtain permission for a circle to be constructed in a farmer’s field.

The experiment would be done in daylight in oilseed rape. The people making the circle would be asked to copy a particular previous circle that had shown no evidence of human involvement.

The circle chosen was one that had appeared on the 1st of May 2005 at Alton Priors. I recall visiting this, and after careful scrutiny could find no broken, crushed, or bruised stems. It was perfect."

Here are some comparative photos and the video mentioned by Lucy Pringle :

crop circles site web france

crop circles site web france


2001, A Reply Across Time
In this file, we reopen our investigation into the three most well known crop circles of 2001; the Galaxy, the 'Face', and the 'Code'. With some new discoveries this episode signifies the beginning of a trilogy delving into the years 2000, 2001, and 2003.
"2001, A Reply Across Time" reminisces on the 23 years it took to understand the response dispatched by an unidentified intelligence (INI), during which time there was an endeavor to contact an extraterrestrial intelligence in interstellar space.
Click here for further reading.

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Crop circles, the story behind the phenomenon.
In this account we have pieced together the various events which make up the crop circle story in an effort to understand, through their inter-relatedness, the impact the phenomenon had on decision making at government level and above.
Click here for further reading.
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Crop Circles : The Hidden Truth
Robert Hulse and David Cayton interviewed by Richard D. Hall. A very good presentation on the phenomenon with a lot of interesting information.
Video from
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William Betts' book "A 20-YEAR ADVENTURE" is fully published on Note that changes are made to different pages from time to time. This is the advantage of digital. Please note that this is a book currently being written. The book is written in English and a French version is in progress, which will take several months. With the web and browsers you can trigger approximate translations.

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Updates of two post 2010 galleries. One for a crop circle discovered in Beckhampton in UK in 2018, the other for a "lodging" discovered in Vouhé in France in 2023. In situ comparison of wheat stalks by William Betts.
Click here for further reading.
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Hello everyone !

10 years ago, the site addressed the following subjects : crop circles and their coded messages, the sun, exotics ( ETs and UFOs ), food, nuclear power, ecology, peace and war... All these subjects remain topical.

William and I have decided to resume a little service, the time of a book. The older ones might like it. This site is largely coded the old fashioned way but a “responsive” section is being put in place. We hope to return to certain subjects and the phenomenon experienced by William for more than 25 years in the field, in the fields, day and night in England. I remind you that William is English.

crop circles site web france
The digital landscape has changed a lot since 2013 and I sometimes glimpsed "the youth" taking over the subject on the internet and lecturing believers who precisely believe in everything and anything about crop circles.
There will always be nonsense, on all subjects in the world, crop circles are no exception to the rule. For these famous new generation lesson givers, there would be absolutely no mystery on the subject. It didn't interest me much during all these years of watching, nor did William. We had the same ones at home 25 years ago !

As they " know " everything, yes, they would have accomplished this miracle, now all they have to do is preach for their parish with the added bonus of a little notoriety to build up to web star status. We will leave them aside.

So, ultimately it is we who doubt. When we are told that crop circles are necessarily 100% human and that there is absolutely no unknown in this story, it leaves us unmoved. We have reasons for this and these reasons are set out in part on the site, we will come back to this.
You will therefore be able to consult the archives of this site again as well as news or feedback. There are three important sections : the in situ photos of William and his story, as well as the interpretations that I could give to these messages following my research when it could be worthwhile. Very often it wasn't worth it.

Some topics covered at the time no longer interest us, they are no longer accessible over time and sometimes they were only brakes...

On the other hand we still think that a certain category of crop circles was not produced by simple people with simple planks or simple rollers or any other object which would be used for the flattening of crops by a mechanical action, and we believe that an unidentified intelligence ( INI ) with "special" or even unknown technological means trying to send us messages or answers as we discovered the power of the internet with its access to knowledge and freedom of expression towards the greatest number of us.

If in the year 2000, the subject or the theme of the crop circles seemed " solar " ( in connection with the functioning of our star ), the vintage 2001, at the dawn of the global upheaval triggered by the attacks of 911 on the ground American, was in my opinion among the most important in the light of today's events because it seemed to embody a kind of epistolary exchange between this intelligence and us humans and more precisely between Russian children and hypothetical extraterrestrials in The Galaxy. These Russian children were trying to share their fears about Earth scientists who are inventing ever more dangerous weapons, if we take their message sent from the Evpatoria radio telescope in Crimea. In this context, the fields of English culture have turned into magic slates, and even if these fields have been erased by the harvest, the images of these messages have remained and are now circulating on the internet never to be erased again, except case of force majeure.

For my part, here is the question that I ask myself : could these crop circles of the 2000s be useful to us in one way or another today ?



I have been actively involved with crop circles since 1997 and have written a book covering my experiences. The book is called 'Crop Circles, a Twenty Year Adventure' and tells the story of my presence in the crop circles, in the fields, and elsewhere..

The adventure as described in the book weaves together various themes and elements, episodes of which seem to reoccur with regularity, these include :

  • Extraordinary events and synchronicities which can only be seen as an interaction with an unknown intelligence.
  • Photographic evidence showing proof that many crop circles are not made by mechanical means, i.e. with boards and garden rollers.
  • Water, and the similarity with the way in which non-mechanically made crop circles appear to resemble water in all its manifestations, as if made by currents created through an invisible energy flow.
  • The suspicion that our governments are aware that something very important is happening in our fields and that they are very concerned.
crop circles site web france