Bishop's Canning Down
June 3, 2018

Bishop's Cannings Down, Near Beckhampton, Wiltshire - June 3, 2018

By 2011 I was no longer making the long trips down to Wiltshire. I left England for good in 2012 to begin a new life in France, so I was no longer in a position to continue my research in England on a regular basis as I had been used to doing.

However in 2018 Lucy Pringle invited me to take part in her ‘Science Day’ and I returned to England for the occasion, and whilst there took the opportunity to visit a friend who lives in Avebury. She told me about a crop circle that had arrived the previous month in a field not far from her home and suggested we pay it a visit. I expressed doubts when she told me it was not man-made, but she convinced me that it was worth going to have a look, and since our friends Robert Hulse and David Cayton had considered it 'authentic' I took her up on the offer.

So on the afternoon of the 16 July we drove to the crop circle at Bishop's Cannings Down. For a crop circle over a month old it was still in good condition and I took a while to study the stems and found nodal bending throughout. In the photo with my friend in the foreground you can see that the stems in the middle of the passage have remained upright. This is not due to a phototropic action because they were left standing during the creation of the crop circle, for reasons unknown. They can be seen in Lucy Pringle’s aerial views just after the arrival of the crop circle, and in the excellent drone video below.

Aerial view by Lucy Pringle

Stems laid down at the edge

Stems bent at the nodes

Stems bent at the nodes

The edge of the largest circle

The crop circle seen from high ground

A fly-over by a Chinook helicopter.