U-Sphere deals with the relationship between man and its environment. From the acceptance of the unknown and the integration of new knowledge: how man can change its beliefs to better communicate and fit in the informational spheres that surround him? The Crop Circles seem to participate in this intellectual mutation in that they question us on several levels of reality: what is the nature of their conception? what is the message that the authors have wished to pass us? And what about the crop-circles makers themselves: who are they? You'll certainly have several answers for each of these questions, as crop-circles are a phenomenon having aggregated multiple sources and authors.

LUCY PRINGLES' website - Aerial photos of crop circles since 1990.
Site adapted to smartphones.
Temporary Temples - Reporting, Recording & Exploring the Crop Circles for over 25 years

Reconstructions de crop circles
News page of the famous Cropcircleconnector - Not suitable for smartphones and full of advertising now. A database updated every year in real time.

The list of old websites is archived on this page, you can visit them even if they are turned off thanks to the WAYBACKMACHINE.

Group for Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Objects (CNES - FRANCE)
UAP Check is an international project aimed at raising public awareness about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), fostering interest, and promoting global collaboration. Our goal is to improve outreach efforts, reduce stigma, and provide reliable information about UAP.